H. Gerard Schwartz, Jr., Ph.D.

h_schwartzSverdrup Civil, Inc., Chairman Emeritus

Honored by NAE for contributions to wastewater treatment systems and program construction management.

President of Sverdrup Civil, Inc. since 1993, he began his professional career at the Sverdrup Corporation in 1966 after earning a doctorate at the California Institute of Technology. As a research fellow, he conducted a NASA study of waste stabilization and water recovery in space vehicles. He received a master’s degree and B.S.C.E. from Washington University. Founding chairman of the Water Environment Research Foundation, he has worked in varied environmental engineering areas in planning, design and project management. In St. Louis, Sverdrup Civil has been involved in MetroLink design and work on the Eads Bridge. An Academy Trustee and Fellow since 1993, he was inducted last fall into the National Academy of Engineering in 1997.

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