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Due to COVID, the official BioBlitz will “pause” for 2021.

….in the meantime…


Click Here for ideas from iNaturalist!

Click here for Shutterbee to practice photographing bees!

Click here for connecting kids to nature at Cornell University (home of the bird project!)

Click here for the Cornell Feeder Watch!

Click here for STL Audubon Society Bird Checklist!

Click here to order seedlings of native trees from Missouri Department of Conservation!




Would you like information on leading a BioBlitz at your school?  Click here for “BioBlitz-A Guide For Teachers!”

Click on the links on this page for great ideas for your outdoor classroom and for your families to do at home!

“…these hands-on activities inspired a level of student engagement that I have never experienced before”
-6th grade teacher


CITIZEN SCIENCE at its BEST!  Here’s your chance to learn about everything from butterflies to birds, crickets to katydids!  Study the biodiversity in your own backyard!


BioBlitz data is recorded into iNaturalist.  Upload the APP!  Click here for helpful iNaturalist tutorial videos!  Teacher Tip!  Click here for iNaturalist teachers guide!


bb 3 boys

Great Family Backyard Adventure!

No experience necessary!

Go to iNaturalist to learn more!


Families Welcome!

Families Welcome!


Explore the biodiversity in your own backyard!  Study your backyard throughout the seasons!


Nematocampa resistaria Photo Credit: Robert Marquis, Ph.D.

Nematocampa resistaria
Photo Credit: Robert Marquis, Ph.D.



From the Academy of Science – St. Louis BioBlitz at Emmeneger Park:

“…the Nematocampa resistaria, the so-called horned span worm.  I have seen it just once previously on Missoui oaks, my primary focus.  As you can see from the photo, it is quite distinctive, with four dorsal filaments, that can extend out and then be drawn in, depending on how much you pester it.  We have looked at literally 10’s of thousands of caterpillars since 1993, and this is the first that we have seen since then.”
-Robert Marquis, Ph.D.



Led by the Academy of Science – St. Louis, partners include:

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2016 BB 33 Harvestman spider on flowers

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BioBlitz questions – contact Peggy James Nacke
314-533-8291 or peggyn@academyofsciencestl.org


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