The Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair

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100% E fair!

The Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair was the first fair in the nation offering and e-fair component over 10 years ago – which translates to a solution during the on-going pandemic!  This year the science fair continues to be a 100% online e-fair with easy instructions and “how to” videos for teachers/students/parents and the brigade of e-fair judges!

St. Louis students rise above COVID 19 by submitting science fair projects virtually!

Click below to watch the 2021 Medley of Projects!

“Thank you so much for selecting me for this award and for your contribution to my college fund!  I decided to enter in the science fair last spring during the pandemic because I wanted something to do over the summer and I’ve always been interested in science.  Because of this experiment, this past year has been fun and challenging.  I’ve learned how to approach a science experiment from designing to analysis and poster-making.  Thank you for encouraging the beginning of my science career by giving me this award!”

–Camilla, Grade 11

April 1, 2023 10 00 0

Shuttterbee! Backyard Bee Photography to Improve Conservation Practices

April 1 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Your Backyard! St. Louis, MO United States

Feeling shut in? Get out with Shutterbee! in this year-round Community Action science collaboration OPEN to ALL area nature and conservation enthusiasts 12 years and up to document bee diversity and inform conservation strategies in the St. Louis region.

Registration for training and participation in Shutterbee required! Click the event, or the Orange Event Information button, for details on how to participate!

Enjoy some sunshine, learn about your backyard bees, and join a fantastic community of bee enthusiasts! We invite you to help us track bees throughout the St. Louis region by hanging out in your own backyard on days when the weather is warm (>60°F) and partly to mostly sunny between 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. The goals of this project are to understand how landscape features and land management decisions affect bee diversity and behavior.

We need your help to figure it out!

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