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100% E fair!

The Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair was the first fair in the nation offering and e-fair component over 10 years ago – which translates to a solution during this COVID 19 crisis!  This year the science fair transitions to 100% on-line e-fair with easy instructions and “how to” videos for teachers/students/parents and the brigade of e-fair judges!

Amid cancellation of annual events and traditions and the shutdown of schools, students have been completing their science fair projects remotely — in their homes, garages and basements! 

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2020 St. Louis students rise above COVID 19 submitting science fair projects virtually!  CLICK here for Medley of Projects!


The Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair is inquiry-based learning at its best! St. Louis students follow their passion as they explore the world they live in and make real world connections. Science Fair is the perfect platform to support and showcase classroom research as students develop into confident STEM-capable learners.

The Academy’s Science Fair is the premier STEM Fair in St. Louis with more than 80,000 students representing 200 schools throughout the region in kindergarten through high school.  Close to $40,000 in scholarships and awards are presented to top students annually.

Under the leadership of the Academy of Science, hundreds of educators, professional scientists and science advocates work year-round to bring science inquiry to life.  The Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair is a “destination fair.”  Schools and Districts select their top students to represent their school at the Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair.


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