Achievement Points

Every Junior Academy member has a special interest in science. To encourage these interests and activities, the Academy of Science – St. Louis gives special recognition to members.  The points program is currently paused. We are in the process of updating the program before restarting.

Total Points Award:

  • Experimenter (100 pts- 200 pts) Certificate
  • Researcher (201 pts-300 pts) Certificate
  • Scientist (301 pts-400 pts) Certificate
  • Associate of Academy (401 pts+) Framed Certificate

See the tabs below to find out how to earn points!

The following have a value of 100 points:

  • Enter a science competition on the regional or state level (i.e. Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair – Honors Division)
  • Participate in week-long Science camp
  • Science Olympiad; Math Olympiad
  • Participate in regional Robotics Competition
  • Participate in an extra-curricular or summer science program, see examples below
    STARS (Students and Teachers as Research Scientists)
    Science/technology internship program
    Eco Act (Missouri Botanical Garden)
    Army Corps of Engineers Riverlands Project; Stream Team, Forest Keepers

The following have a value of 50 points:

  • Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair – at Queeny Park
  • Science Fair Judge (Grades 9-12 only)
  • Participate in a scientific/technological career shadowing or mentoring experience.
  • Earning science, math, technology-related badges in scouting programs
  • Participate in day-long science program
  • Recycling Club
  • Inducted into National Honor Society

The following have a value of 25 points:

  • Attend a Junior Academy activity
  • Make a scientific collection with a purpose – i.e., rocks, fossils, insects, etc. (Science Fair guidelines suggested.) Complete an independent scientific research project and write a report about your findings. (You may already be doing this for a science project in school and this counts!)
  • Complete science courses beyond the two-credit state requirement (25 points per semester); special summer science programs or others with Academy approval.
  • Conduct a literature search in an area of scientific interest; write a report of your findings, and include the use of a university library or Internet file.

The following have a value of 20 points:

  • Participate in an environmental project. (May be worth more, depending on the nature and significance of the project.)
  • Present lab activity or demonstration to your class (over and above class requirements).
  • Keep a journal of scientific activities, observations, results, questions, etc.
  • Care for a classroom organism or maintain one or more pure cultures for class use, and keep a journal on this activity.
  • Other science projects may be acceptable to earn award points.
  • Points will be applied to the current calendar year and cannot be carried over.
  • Awards will only be given when achievement information is submitted and received at the Academy by March 1 of each year.  COVID-19 information:  due to COVID-19, the points program has paused until further  notice.
  • Awards will be given only to members who have their annual dues up to date. Junior Academy students will receive a “request for points” and scholarship application in February of each year.
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