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I Forgot to Pick Up the Milk: Prospective Memory and Aging — Some Surprising Findings

Monday, November 3, 2008 @ 10:30 AM-12:01 PM

Seminar and book signing

Featured Speaker: Mark McDaniel, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology in Arts & Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis and author, Prospective Memory and Memory Fitness: A Guide for Successful Aging

Often, talk of memory lapses focuses on the failure to recall past events, but central to our daily lives is prospective memory, a form of memory that helps us remember to do something in the future – pay a due bill, or pick up bread on the way home. Lapses in prospective memory can be distressing; and for all of us, whether we’re responsible for our own lives or the lives of others, a memory lapse of future intentions can have potentially alarming consequences.

Washington University psychologist Mark McDaniel is co-author of a new book that explores that explores the memory challenges that we all face when trying to remember to implement an intended action at the appropriate time. He talks about this emerging field, offering the layperson suggestions for improving prospective memory and providing insight into what the scientific research suggests will happen to our memory capabilities as we grow older.

Don’t forget to join us for a fascinating look at memory and what to expect as we age.

Copies of, Memory Fitness: A Guide for Successful Aging, are available for purchase and signing by the author.

Crestwood OASIS

Macy’s 3rd Floor

47 Crestwood Plaza

St. Louis, MO 63126

FREE to the first 15 registrants, $9 per person thereafter.

To register call or e-mail Maggie Bauer at 314-533-8586 or mbauer@academyofsciencestl.org.

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Monday, November 3, 2008
10:30 AM-12:01 PM
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