Shuttterbee! Community Action Backyard Bee Photography to Improve Conservation Practices

Greater St. Louis Bi-State Region

Your Backyard! Greater St. Louis Bi-State Region, United States

Feeling shut in? Ready for Spring? Get out with Shutterbee! in this yearly Community Action science collaboration to document bee diversity and inform conservation strategies in the St. Louis region. OPEN to ALL area nature and conservation enthusiasts 12 years and up.

Registration for training and participation in Shutterbee required! Click registration link below.

Join the team! Our citizen scientists photograph bees every two weeks in a location of their choosing and upload their observations to iNautralist. Our research team then identifies the bees and plants in the photographs and uses those data to test hypotheses regarding bee diversity and behavior. We share our results and related information regularly through newsletters, seminars, and social media posts.

Every spring, we enroll and train new participants; if you are interested, REGISTER HERE or email shutterbee@webster.edu. You will receive 3-4 hours of training and join a wonderful community of bee enthusiasts!

Details and additional resources on photographing and identifying bees and helping pollinators can be found on the Shutterbee website.

Shutterbee is a Community Science special partnership program of Nicole Miller-Struttmann, Ph.D., the Laurance L. Browning, Jr. endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Biological Science at Webster University; and the 2019 Academy of Science - St. Louis Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Educator Award recipient, in collaboration with Saint Louis University and the Billiken Bee Lab, the Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden, and Bring Conservation Home: A St. Louis Audubon Society Community Partnership. Funding support from Webster University, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and the Living Earth Collaborative Center for Biodiversity. Promotional support provided by The Academy of Science - St. Louis.