Ernest G. Jaworski, Ph.D.

ernest_jaworskiRetired, Director, Biological Sciences, Monsanto Company

Ernest Jaworski is a pioneer in agricultural biotechnology,
recognized with the 1998 National Medal of Technology
for his work in plant biology and his global leadership in the development and commercialization of genetically modified crops to enhance agricultural productivity. In addition, he was instrumental in the conceptualization and initiation of the Danforth Center, serving as interim director of the Center from August 1, 1998 to December 31, 1998, and continuing to serve as a valued advisor at the Center.

Jaworski worked at Monsanto Company for 41 years, spending his last 15 years there creating and developing its plant biotechnology program. Research he directed elucidated the mechanism by which glyphosate, a newly developed herbicide, prevents growth in plants. Further work uncovered a technique that would allow crop plants to be genetically altered so that they could withstand treatment with glyphosate, becoming herbicide resistant.

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